Anonymous:  on an earlier post you said you were going to give up anime after the trip. I want to understand why you would do that.

No, I’m not watching anything while I’m abroad, I’m gonna catch up when I’m back in America


This fucking cat has been stuck on my tv for 12 hours
Check out this sick goPro tripod mount I made from a sponge and two rubber bands
Anonymous:  have fun!!!! im so excited for you!!! i hope you have a good time!!! good luck during finals you can do it!!!! and tehn have fun in italy!!!!

Hell yea!!! Turn up!

i dont think i’ve replied to a single text/call/snapchat/anything these past two weeks goddam im in the zone

Anonymous:  have fun!!!! i used to live in naples and florence is a lot of fun you will love it

I’m staying in Milan for a day and probably taking a train lots of places (venice, rome, sienna, naples, pompeii, u get it) im so excited

Anonymous:  when are u leaving for europe/where are u going??

2 weeks! I’m studying abroad in Florence for the summer :-)


May issue of Ultra Jump, with Jojolion once again on the cover

Love Banapus